From the short film Why We Wax by Kimberly Wetherell, this pod explores the history, fashion, function and not-strictly-feminine fascination with maintaining the hair… “down there.”

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Cody Derrick grew up in a conservative Mormon home in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah. At the age of 21, shortly after returning from his mission, Cody came out that he was gay. This is Cody Derrick’s coming out story; a story of religion, fear, and family.

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The best part about being a girl is your girlfriends. They keep you happy when you’re sad and make you laugh when you want to cry, and most importantly, tell you what to buy.

Mosquitos are independent recycling collectors who roam around town in ramshackle pick up trucks collecting cardboard, often illegally. The predominantly immigrant, under-the-table mosquito worker typically gets something in the area of $80 for a packed load of cardboard almost twice as tall as the truck itself. Cities are increasingly cracking down on mosquitos for poaching a lucrative trade for the government sanctioned recycling contractors. John Rolston creates his own mosquito truck and tries to find out what the controversy is all about.

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YouTube videos of people tripping on the hallucinogenic herb Salvia divinorum are helping fuel a wave of legislation to ban it.

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Dick gets wet, when soldiers waterboard Cheney in the name of liberty and justice.

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A pod that shows how the UNDP (United Nations Developing Program) is trying to lift up a neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, by collecting the mountains of trash from its streets and canals and turning it into “cash” for the community.

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